Editor’s Blog… The Wheels Keep Turning

Amy Spanton

I don’t know if I’m the only one who is sick to death of hearing about the GFC – that’s the Global Financial Crisis for those who have been living in a cave, blissfully unaware of the impending doom. Anyway, I happened to be strolling past Gazebo Wine Garden in the ‘Cross on Sunday at 4pm and it was jammed. I mean, standing-room-only jammed. There was certainly no shortage of punters buying drinks and keeping the tills ticking over. And if the number of new bar openings and new products launching are anything to go by, the wheels of the economy are continuing to turn. But if you’re still feeling down about the whole mess, check in with Andy’s London Update, which will certainly make you feel better about the state we’re in (although hopefully not in a ‘haha, sucked in’ kind of way).

Cheers, Amy

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  1. This email was sent to me by the CEO of ICECRAFT (Vivienne Lipke) in response to my comments on the GFC. It was an address at the recent Gold Coast Business awards:


    It seems like that no matter where you go these days, someone is talking about the changes happening in the world’s economy and since the majority of people love talking about drama they even gave it a name, “The Economic Crisis”.   So many are jumping on the bandwagon spreading the word about the gloom and doom and how bad it is.   I would personally recommend that you stop listening to those stories because they’re not the truth.  They’re only telling you one half of the real story.

    Even during these challenging times there are still a lot of people who are succeeding.  And yes, these are challenging times, yet there’s nothing wrong with being challenged.  As a matter of fact, it’s a good thing.  It’s times like these that force us to learn how to do better business and create better business systems.  If you don’t you certainly can be put into a painful situation.  In business as in life, either you will evolve or else you dissolve, nothing stays the same.

    When things are going smoothly and everything is going as planned most people just ride the wave and enjoy the ride.   There’s no real need to look for better ways of doing things, so most people don’t.  They just coast along as if it will last forever.   It’s when we get challenged that we grow the most.  It’s the challenges of life that bring our life value.

    There are always great opportunities to be had.  And here’s the best part, right now, there are more opportunities out in the world than normal.   Because so many people are focusing on surviving they aren’t really looking for new opportunities to grow.   I say, “don’t focus on surviving, focus on thriving”.

    It’s the people who will really work on making their businesses stronger now, that when the economy turns around, will have the best businesses that they have ever had.   When the majority of people are focusing on the problems of the world, the successful people are looking for the opportunities.   Remember that in life, you get what you focus on.

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