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Scotch Whisky – Talking youth in an age old industry

Don’t be afraid to move away from stocking just the regulation names and typical age statements behind your bar. Have some youthful Speyside malt and a young Islay expression on hand to offer people – it’ll be a revelation for all involved. Build it (or rather stock it) and they will come. Spruik the wonders of the spirit’s character. Tell customers that the whisky is as fresh and sweet as sitting at Port Askaig on a hot May afternoon and there’s just a hint of sea salt from the ocean spray. Tell the something. Get them excited.

Irish Whiskey – How the world almost lost a national spirit

Like any industry that gleans a profit for the government the production practices of Ireland’s distillers greatly improved throughout the Victorian period. This was a time when science and technology was effecting mans’ life in numerous ways and the global distilling industry benefited from the inventions of tools like of the hydrometer and the saccharometer, both of which allowed for far greater control and accuracy when creating commercial volumes of spirit. Other methods of standardisation, empirical practice and structure also allowed the industry to develop into what we might recognise today.