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If you like your beer — and let’s face it, nothing tastes better at the end of a shift — then February 22nd is a date you’ll want to keep an eye out for. Craft Beer Rising is a national day celebrating local brewers, venues and brews with events taking place across the country next Saturday, the 22nd.

They’ve got over 90 events happening in six states (check out some highlights below and visit craftbeerrising.com.au to discover more) and they’re still taking on more events if your venue wants to get involved.

It’s a great initiative that seeks to raise the profile of the scores of talented Aussie brewers making tasty craft beers, so get involved, raise a pint, and toast to the best that Australian brewing has to offer.



Brewniversity with Matt Kirkegaard: The rise of good beer in Australia

Well known beer writer and educator Matt Kirkegaard, takes guests through the evolution of craft beer at “Brewniversity”.

The Scratch
8/1 Park Rd, Milton QLD
Tickets available through kieran@scratchbar.com

South Australia

Crow Eaters & Co(llaborators)

The Wheatsheaf Hotel is turning over all thirteen of their taps to a combination of five South Australian Crafties and three interstate Crafties.

The Wheatsheaf Hotel
39 George St, Thebarton, SA
(Free Entry)

New South Wales

Shenanigans Brewing Launch Party

Be the first to taste the beer from Sydney’s newest brewing company, Shenanigans Brewing, at Spooning Goats.

The SG
32 York Street, Sydney, NSW
(Free Entry) 


Big Beer Bashes: The Local Taphouse

The Local Taphouse ‘Hop Hounds’ take on the ‘Maestros of Malt’ (brewers and beer writers) in a fun and social game of cricket for The Ashes (burnt hops and malt).

St Kilda Primary School, St Kilda, VIC
(Free Entry)

The Great Tasmanian Beer Hunt

Part scavenger hunt and part beer crawl, experience a vast list of challenges, photos, videos and more.

Craft beer venues around Hobart, TAS

Western Australia

South West Craft Beer Festival

The South West Craft Beer Festival is a weekend long event that celebrates local brewers and their finest beers.

56 New River Ramble, Busselton WA

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