Take a look at NYC bar, Golden Cadillac

Photography by Daniel Krieger

Golden Cadillac, New York

13 First Avenue, New York

Planning a trip to the US for Tales of the Cocktail this year? If you get up to New York on your visit, here is a bar that’s worth checking out.

Grasshoppers. Golden Cadillacs. Long Island Iced Teas. Could this be the next trend in bartending? Mining the 70s era has, for the last decade of the craft bartending resurgence, been a bit of a no-no. But this newish bar from Cocktail Kingdom owner Greg Boehm wants to turn that idea upside down.



There’s been glowing reviews from a number of media outlets in the US, and a recent change in the running of the bar — former PKNY and Clover Club bartender Guiseppe Gonzalez was on the opening crew but has moved on, with Don Lee (he of PDT and Benton’s Old Fashioned fame) taking over the role of beverage director.

One look at the drinks list tells you what you need to know: there’s a Pina Colada, a Golden Cadillac (of course) and a Disco Daiquiri (with overproof rum) sitting alongside modern day classics like the aforementioned Benton’s Old Fashioned and the Final Ward.

Now that’s some good 70s sleaze!

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