‘Anti-AGin’ claims to smooth your wrinkles

Anti aGin

The web is often a-buzz with drinks-related stories. Spirits are painted in a not-so-lovely way (ie every single story written about hangovers, nightlcub brawls and even shots with the word ‘cowboy’ in them). But sometimes it’s the exact opposite. Sometimes we read stories about how good alcohol is for you. Like we had the research about how alcohol brings communities together and the girl who left the hustle of NYC to create healthy Kombucha cocktails while doing downward dog. And now, because the world wasn’t weird enough already, we have a gin out of the UK that claims it will help smooth your wrinkles.

Yep, you can forget that nasty needle at Laserclinics, now you simply have to ingest your collagen and age-defying botanicals in your dirty martini. According to a story published on The Telegraph UK‘s website edible collagen is all the rage. The beauty industry bangs on and on about how we lose the collagen in our skin as we get older. Hence, the collagen fillers and the moisturisers which contain the miracle collagen. The jury is out on whether eating or smothering ourselves in collagen has any impact, but we sure like to give these things a whirl in the pursuit of eternal youth.

According to The Telegraph, people in Japan have been banking on ingestible collagen for a while –  they even reported on “beauty restaurants”  which serve food containing chunks of collagen. Supermarkets in the country also have been responding to the need for collagen-rich food and enrich noodles and sweets with it.

Could it be the next big thing? Age defying cocktails? You heard it hear first. Or maybe third.

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