Inspired by his mother, Esprit de Figues is Patrick Borg’s labour of love

Crafted from age-old French techniques Esprit de Figues is the exquisite new French fig liqueur that showcases beautiful earthly delights of rich, fresh figs – created by artisan distillers.

Succulent handpicked Violette de Bordeaux Figs are tenderly infused for three months to release their delicate flavour and bottled at a 150 year old distillery located in Burgundy, France.

Developed by Patrick Borg and his team at Australian liquor distribution company, Think Spirits, Esprit de Figues has been a labour of love of Borg’s for many, many years.


Originally inspired by his family’s Mediterranean heritage, Borg’s mother migrated from Malta to Australia in the 1960’s and brought a small clipping of her favourite fruit – the fig. To this day, the tree she planted still produces luscious figs for only two precious months each year.

This short fig season inspired Borg’s quest to create the taste of fresh figs in a liqueur that could be enjoyed all year round.

“After seven long years of research, developing and finally delivering this beautiful fresh fig liqueur we are thrilled to announce Esprit de Figues is now being poured at a range of the world’s finest bars including Claridges, Savoy and the Ritz Carlton – London,” says Borg.

“Naturally our next step was to bring our product home and share this with Australia; we believe Esprit de Figues will be a sensational hit as it specifically introduces an authentic, unique and fresh flavour category to our world of beverages.”

Esprit de Figues is a rich dark purple colour in the bottle and softens to a pale mauve when poured. The nose is bright, sweet fresh figs that give way to berry jam, honey and vanilla. To taste there is fresh fig, raspberry jam with a hint of peach and honey.

Exclusively designed to mix well Esprit de Figues holds its bold purple/mauve colour and importantly maintains its distinctive flavour. It’s perfect to add a splash to Champagne or Prosecco and brilliant for creating cocktails such as Fig Sangria; Figtini or Fig Honey Sour. Esprit de Figues can also be added to simple mixed drinks like Esprit & Soda. For the full collection of drink and cocktail recipes visit

The sophistication and craftsmanship of the Esprit de Figues brand is further highlighted by a beautiful Art Nouveau inspired bottle. The crest is a modern expression of this ornamental French style with gold label embossing representing luxury and exclusivity and the fig centrally placed as the heart of the design that drives the ‘spirit’ of this exceptional fig liqueur.

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