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How To… Veritable Vermouth — a DIY vermouth recipe

Some bars go to extraordinary lengths to craft the perfect cocktail. Sometimes it will be by using hand-chipped ice in frozen glassware like at Sydney’s Duke Bar & Bistro. Others will hand craft their own bespoke bitters or perfectly control the dilution of their Martinis by chilling them in liquid nitrogen ‘baths’ like the good folks at Brisbane’s Canvas. For others though, like Sydney’s Sam Bygrave, making your own vermouth is a grand way to add a little something special to your next mixological masterpiece.

Garden Brasserie

Sydney’s new Garden Brasserie opened its doors on Anzac Day this year. The new venture occupies a Neutral Bay site that has been vacant for the past six months but which once held an Italian restaurant. The trio of owners – Sebastian Gallery, Stephen Gellert and Glenn Ferguson – come from various backgrounds. Gallery is the ex- manager of Watershed and Cohi Bar in Darling Harbour whilst Gellert also owns Cantina Bar and Grill, and Pizza Mario. Ferguson on the other hand is the owner of ISEC and HALO security.