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Tio’s Cerveceria

This is one Tequila watering hole that is seriously shaking up the Surry Hills landscape. Tio’s has been trading for a few months now and while it’s taken the Bartender photographer a bit of time to get down there, boy whiz is that place impressive. From the relative humble shell that we featured back in October, Tio’s has within it a stand alone enclosed bar that houses enough Tequila to sink a small ship

Mexican Madness

You don’t need to be a wizard to see that Mexican themed bars and agave spirits are on the rise in Australia. With Touché Hombre opening recently in Melbourne, El Publico in Perth and Tio’s Cervecería in Sydney, never has Australia had a better selection of joints to sip on a tequila e sangrita.

Tio’s set to top the town

Alex Dowd and Jeremy Blackmore (both ex-Shady Pines Saloon) are set to open their own Mexican themed venture called Tio’s Cervezeria on Foster Street before the year is out.