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Bar Ampère

Danger. Madness. Vernon Chalker’s newest Melbourne destination – Bar Ampere – is finally up and running. It’s been a while in the making, but good things come to those that…you know the word. Bar Ampere, which stands above an antiquated electrical substation, serves as a monument to the French physicist Andre-Marie Ampere.

Bar Ampere is Chalker’s realisation of a futurist dream and in testament to his vision the staff reject all traditional notions of consumption. Splayds (those things that look like a fork, knife and spoon in one) are the tool of choice for diners – a move which Chalker says ‘allows guests one hand free to engage in more animated table talk’.

Just the Tonic for South Yarra

Melbourne bar operator Davis Yu (The Millswyn) is set to capitalise on his good form by opening another venue, Claremont Tonic on Claremont Street in South Yarra.

The Ludlow

The design principles of The Ludlow Formation incorporate the formation of small areas or pockets of drinking and dining activity, similar to a grotto (or cave). Melbourne’s new venue The Ludlow is a contemporary pub built on traditional principles, offering all the elements of a truly classic pub including; public bar and informal dining area, lounge bar and dining room.