Unique Tequila

 New release Tequila from Maverick Beverage Company

A newly available Tequila with its own class, derived from a secret process to give a lustrous pink colour.  Perfect to enjoy with all your favourite drinks and cocktails, El Manté Pasión Tequila is sure to catch a few eyes at the bar.

In order to obtain the Category 100% Agave, an 100% Tequila can’t contain any type of colouring, flavouring, or any other type of chemicals that can change the chemical composition of Tequila.

Tequila Pasión is a Blanco Tequila in category, however Rosa was added due to its colour. Thus, for the first time ever, the CRT has given Tequila a brand new category: Blanco Rosas. Blanco for the category, and Rosa for its unique colour.


For more information about this product contact Maverick Beverage Company on 03 8805 4865

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