Is there heartbreak on the way for Jalisco?

Image courtesy of Herradura Tequila

Sydney Bar Week Workshops

Jalisco Heartbreak presented by Herradura Tequila

A glimpse into the sustainability of the Blue Agave & Tequila industries.

Time: 2.45 – 3.30pm


Location: theloft, King Street Wharf

Cost: Day pass $25. Visit

A couple of months back Australian Bartender heard from Texan bar owner and agave aficionado, Bobby Heugel, about what he sees as a looming crisis for agave based spirits. At the core of this crisis, he said, was the fact that agaves don’t grow on annual cycles like other crops used for spirit production.

“Agave spirits are made from plants that don’t have annual growth cycles,” he wrote, “and the quality of the plants has a greater impact on the distillate than arguably any other spirit.”

Heugel is concerned that marketing of high-volume agave spirits is putting the industry — and the agave itself — under pressure that will see “cyclical agave shortages, the abandonment of genetic diversity, and rampant disease among agave crops,” he wrote.

These are exactly the kind of sustainability issues that you’ll learn about during Sydney Bar Week, when Herradura Tequila presents Jalisco Heartbreak, its workshop that promises to look into the sustainability of the blue agave and the tequila industry.

To attend you’ll need a $25 workshop day pass, which gets you to all the workshops on Tuesday the 30th of September. Make sure you don’t miss out as there’s only limited seats for the day — to book  your ticket to the workshops, click here to download the booking form.


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