Get the recipe for Caffe Bartolo’s Summer Love

Grazia Di Franco has put together the cocktail list at Caffe Bartolo.

The drinks at Sydney’s latest all day dining and drinking establishment, the very suave Caffe Bartolo, are just the kind of drinks that get bartenders excited. The cocktails here are courtesy of bar manager (and Mancino vermouth ambassador) Grazia Di Franco, and each drink has a story to tell, like this here Summer Love.

“The story behind the drink is that it represent perhaps the Summer Love, so it’s short, slightly sweet and slightly acid,” says Di Franco. “With a basil leaf that historically was used from the ancient Romans to kill the pain, that normally all the short summer loves leave us with. I showcased the drink first in September at the Bamboo Bar in Bangkok, and I was very happy to see how people reacted to the flavour combination, so I was almost sure it would’ve be loved here as well.”

Summer Love

  • 20 ml Rinomato Aperitivo
  • 10 ml Rinomato Americano
  • 20 ml Ocho Tequila Single Estate blanco
  • 30 ml tomato water
  • 30 ml watermelon shrub
  1. Combine all ingredients and serve over quality block ice, garnish with a basil leaf on top.

Recipe by Grazia Di Franco, Caffe Bartolo, Sydney.

Photographs by My Media Sydney

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