Take a look inside new Geelong bar The 18th Amendment

The list at new Geelong bar The 18th Amendment features a Hall of Fame section, in which they highlight some modern classic recipes from influential bartenders of the last two decades — Audrey Saunders' Old Cuban and Dale DeGroff's Anejo Highball are just two examples from the opening list.

Baldwin Distilling Company; fighting for a chunk of the bourbon whiskey market

"For me, starting a bourbon style distillery in Australia was always going to be a challenge but being a bourbon drinker, my passion was for the classic American style spirit. In addition, bourbon is the biggest selling spirit in Australia albeit monopolised by Jim Beam, Jack Daniels and Wild Turkey. Add all this up with the industries “craft distillery” surge, the opportunities are there for us."

The 200th issue is out now — download your copy now

The 200th issue is now available to download to your iOS device. In this issue, we hear from Ramblin' Rascal's Cherish Royal Wilkie (a finalist for Rookie of the Year this year); get tips from Charlie Lehmann, Hayden Lambert and Jenna Hemsworth on working with sweetness in drinks; learn how you can score that ambassador gig; and we check in with Nathan Beasley and Chris Hysted-Adams on the 15th birthday of venerable Melbourne bar, Black Pearl — and much more.