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The Unsocial Network: making the media work for you

A lot has been written about the power of social media in our industry but don’t think for a second that is going to stop me from adding my two cents. I’m focusing on this from a business perspective as well so let’s forget about those people who post photos of their dinner, their baby bump, their dog in a tutu and so on. Their souls can’t be saved.

The Cocktail Studio connects bartenders with content

Campari’s National Brand Ambassador, Oliver Stuart, says that often the information that bartenders find most interesting during training sessions is the tidbits that come up in the course of presentations, often as an aside. And it’s this avenue he hopes their recently launched blog, The Cocktail Studio will go down. The blog has already had great feedback from bartenders, becoming the kind of place where bartenders can come and share ideas, recipes, stories — and these little gems of trivia.