Editor’s Blog – February 2009

Welcome to 4bars.com.au!

Okay, okay, so it’s been a long time coming but finally, we have joined the rest of the known universe and created a website dedicated to the Australian bar industry. We promise that 4bars will be jam-packed with all the latest news, gossip, openings, videos and blogs from leading bartenders and drinks writers from around the globe. If you want a snapshot of what’s going on in the Aussie bar scene, then 4bars should be your first port(al) of call. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

I remember when the Internet first started attracting mass attention (I’m talking Alta Vista days, long before Google took hold) and we lamented the end of the published word and rejoiced in the notion of a paper-free world. Well, thankfully, computer screens aren’t designed for in-depth reading and our books and mags have stuck around. And that’s why Australian Bartender magazine is still going strong. While 4bars will have up-to-the-minute news, videos and all the stuff we can’t cram into our monthly title, Bartender mag will still bring you the best in-depth articles and stories from both local and international contributors. I’m borrowing this analogy from one of the boys in the office but “when you want the headlines you go to news.com.au but for the nitty gritty you buy The Herald”.

So, I look forward to reading all your feedback. And please play fair. I’m new to this online editing malarky with my training wheels still firmly attached to my laptop. All bumps in the road will be navigated with caution but I look forward to the ride.

Cheers, Amy


Amy Spanton

  1. “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
    Andy Warhol

    keep it up, congratulations.

  2. Hey there Amy and team…

    Great work on the new site! It is also beneficial for me and my new business in Adelaide to keep abreast of
    everything that goes in on the east!!

    Jennifer Centenera

  3. Hi Amy,
    Great to see you’re back in the editors chair, although it’s probably more like the couch (te he). I’m stoked to see Spanton media offering this valuable resource to the Australian bar trade. This is going to be big. I was going to do a blog thingy myself, but I think I’ll forget about it and just read yours and all the comments instead. Nice way to go guys I’m a fan!
    Benny D

  4. the site looks great! looking forward to mulling over it while procrastinating my workload, which im doing right now, Doh! sure as hell more productive than facebook time!
    The Lark

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