From Brooklyn, two great new gins to mix with


These new gins from Greenhook Ginsmiths in Brooklyn, NY, are a little different. Their American Dry Gin is a dry style of gin, using Thai blue ginger and Ceylon cinnamon in addition to juniper, camomile and elderflower. But the trick here is that the copper still pot is used in conjunction with a vacuum. By vacuum distilling, they can run the still at a lower temperature which means they can get fresher aromatics from the botanicals they use.

They’ve also got their own, born-in-the-USA style of sloe gin, called Greenhook Ginsmiths Beach Plum Liqueur. The difference is that instead of sloe berries, which are hard to come by in America, they use beach plums which are indigenous to the US and found around the beaches of New York. These beach plums are macerated in their American Dry Gin for a good seven months, before the spirit is sweetened with turbinado sugar to create the liqueur. It’s a top quality cocktail ingredient, and a great stand in for the traditional sloe gin in cocktail recipes like the Millionaire.

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