Samuel Spurr

Australia’s premier cigar writer, contributing to European Cigar Cult Journal and American cigar industry journal IPCPR Report. Actively involved in the local and international cigar community, he is the pre-eminent source of cigar information in Australia. Sam’s blog, Inlumino Cigar News Australia, informs cigar aficionados about the Aussie cigar scene.

Tales from the Humidor: The non-Cuban Revolution

“It doesn’t have to be Cuban to be good,” declares Norman Stein, owner of one of Sydney’s finest cigar shops ‘Bogart’s House of Fine Cigars’. ” Increasingly cigar makers based in the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras and Brazil are producing cigars of similar, if not better quality, than those coming out of Cuba.”

Tales from the Humidor: Nothing Beats a Cigar Dance

you haven’t seen it yet, former Aussie Socceroo coach Guus Hiddink’s celebratory cigar and accompanying jig after Chelsea won the FA Cup Final is a sight to behold. I’ve dubbed it the ‘Cigar Dance’ and shows a man on top of the world and celebrating a fantastic win with a well-deserved cigar. It is evident from his dance moves that he grew up in the Netherlands and not Cuba or Brazil, but I