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Feeling a little dusty? Try this Milk Punch

Milk Punch is a popular morning-after style of drink in New Orleans. If you’re feeling a little dusty and in need of a pick me up, this Milk Punch might be the thing for you. It’s a recipe that is equal parts easy to make and delicious to drink.

The rookies guide to grape spirits

Wherever you find vineyards and grape growers in the world, you’re bound to find enterprising vignerons operating some kind of still to make use of excess grapes.

Rare Cognac to celebrate an even rarer anniversary

It’s not often that you turn 250 years old, but that’s exactly the anniversary that Cognac producer Hine is ringing in this year. To commemorate, they have produced a special limited release bottle (and just 250 of them).

Classic: East India Cocktail

Queen Victoria was one memorable monarch. She might not be a picture of beauty, but Victoria’s reign as Queen of the United Kingdom stretched for over 63 years – the longest of any British monarch and the longest of any female monarch in history.


How To: Cooking with Cognac

I do have the odd drink at home and occasionally even whip up a cocktail. But I have to admit that mixing drinks often feels too much like work on my days off. Now if I really want to unwind on a Sunday it’s by cooking – a creative outlet that many bartenders not only enjoy but often excel at.