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The rookies guide to grape spirits

Wherever you find vineyards and grape growers in the world, you’re bound to find enterprising vignerons operating some kind of still to make use of excess grapes.

The rookies guide to bourbon and rye

In our Rookies Guide 2014, we take a look at each of the major spirit categories, giving you a brief rundown on the history, production processes and other interesting tidbits you’ll need to know for top notch geeky bar banter.

Win some great booze — take the Rookies Guide Quiz

Here it is folks — the 2014 Rookies Guide Quiz. There is some great hooch — Absolut Elyx, Havana Club Anos 7 and the very tasty Altos tequila — to be won for the fastest, most correct exam.

There is a prize for the best rookie — that is, if you’ve worked as a bartender for less than two years — and the veterans. Remember that the test is timed, so once you click the Start Quiz button below, you’re on!