This tip for spent citrus will save your bar money


Like any good bar these days, you’re squeezing a bunch of lemons or limes either before or during service. But what do you do with the spent shells? There’s still more to be had from those spent husks — here, 42BELOW brand ambassador Sean Forsyth shares a tip for saving your bar a ton of cash.

To finish off what are some ways that you can dispose of leftover lemon and lime shells from juicing?

Check out the Sustainably Green Cleaning Agent.

“One of the most consistently used fresh ingredients used in bars is pre prepped fresh lemon and lime juice,” Forsyth says, and “most bars will juice and throw in the bin.”


Well, Forsyth suggests making those lemons and limes work a little harder.

“By taking your used lemon and lime shells and storing them with vinegar for two weeks you will create an outstanding environmentally friendly citrus based cleaner that you can use to clean down your bar,” he says. There you go — you’ve got yourself a Sustainably Green Cleaning Agent.

“Also after infusing the lemon and lime shells into the vinegar it will help breakdown the acid cellulose and make the citrus more adaptable to compost breakdown once shredded.”

The benefits aren’t just for the environment, either.

“This will also shave dollars off your chemical bills for cleaning and sanitizing your bar as 5 litres of SGCA costs the same as 500ml of commercial cleaning agent.”

Forsyth recommends it for windows, bar tops and anything else.

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