Take a look at Charles H. Baker Jr’s Bird of Paradise Fizz

Charles H. Baker Jr's writing from the first half of last century still has relevance for bartenders today — even if, at times, some of his descriptions are a little jarring to the modern reader — and his work has bequeathed recipes like this Bird of Paradise Fizz.

Here’s how you make the classic Stay Up Late

You can grow tired of drinking Martini’s (a hard feat, but it’s possible), and if you’re a bar like The Barber Shop in Sydney which specialises in gin, features gin in each of its cocktails, and is all gin all the time, you have to find ways of catering to customers for whom gin might not necessarily be a favourite.

Here’s three gin drinks for World Gin Day 2017

Here's three delicious recipes to carry you through World Gin Day. Perhaps you should kick off with the Atlas Signature Martini from the Singapore bar of the same name. Then carry on with the Pegu Club, before easing into the next day with a solid Red Snapper.