How to make the Gin Basil Smash with gin from ‘the smallest distillery in the Netherlands’

With the latest gin creation Rutte Celery Gin, the Dutch distillery’s loving attention to detail down to the last ingredient becomes quite apparent. The refinement of gin with aromatic celery and cardamom demonstrates high distillation expertise and creativity without neglecting treasured traditions. Celery was already used by the founder Simon Rutte as an ingredient, so it has its say in the Old Simon Genever, too.

Explainer: WTF is a mistelle?

The history of this style of drink is said to go back to the middle of the last millenium, and, as is often the case with these kinds of origin stories, came about by happy accident when someone fortified a barrel that had juice in it, and not wine.

Daniele Pirotta talks to Sergio Cocito about the new, small batch, 1757 Cinzano

Campari Australia is excited about introducing their new line of small batch 1757 Cinzano vermouths. Brand Ambassador Daniele Pirotta has a chat with Sergio Cocito, head of the Vermouth and Sparkling Wine division for the Cinzano Brand over in the Novi Ligure Plant (Piemonte, Italy) to find out a bit more about this amazing liquid and who’s behind its creation.