Get a look at the Braulio Spritz from Whirly Bird, Pyrmont

The Braulio Spritz, from Sydney bar Whirly Bird is an ideal way to take your alpine amaro. It’s simple to make, as well: all you do is take braulio, add some rose sparkling, a hit of ginger beer, and you’ve got yourself a complex, refreshing Spritz.

Braulio is one of the alpine styles of amaro, and a beautiful drink that just makes you think of ski field chalets (well, it does for us). There’s a mix of alpine botanicals involved — including gentian, juniper, wormwood, and yarrow — and it’s matured for a couple of years in oak before bottling.

To learn more about amaro, check out our introduction to the bitter stuff here.

Braulio Spritz
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Braulio Spritz

  1. Build ingredients over ice in a wine glass.
  2. Garnish with a mint sprig and a lemon wedge.

Adapted from a recipe at Whirly Bird, Sydney.

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