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Saying Thank You: The Exchange Reflects on 2020

“2020 was certainly a year that we will never forget, however amidst all the confusion and uncertainty there were definitely some bright spots and memorable moments. We wanted to take a look back and choose to celebrate the triumph of our industries spirit in the face of such adversity.” The Exchange team

The Exchange Welcomes New NSW BA Josh Davies

Hitting the ground running in 2021, Josh Davies was not discouraged by the tightening restrictions upon his arrival in Sydney – moving from Melbourne no less! The new NSW Brand Ambassador for The Exchange says “working in the industry abroad and now back home has made me realise that no matter where you are or where you work in the world, there will be some form of 6 degree of separation with a bartender somewhere…”

VIDEO: The Exchange launches The Healthy Bartender Project

Now more than ever it is important to be having the conversation about mental health and wellbeing in our industry. The Exchange are excited to announce the launch of The Healthy Bartender Project – where Brand Ambassadors are now able to provide workshops, tools and resources that put staff health and wellness in the spotlight.

The evolution of the 2020 ambassador: Erica Richards, The Exchange

“I’ve spoken with several small bar owners, who have told me that they’re seriously considering keeping the reduced capacity and increase in patrons being seated moving forward.” – Erica Richards from The Exchange talks about the positive changes some venues have seen in 2020.