Chairman’s Reserve St. Lucia Rum

Chairman's Reserve St Lucia Rum

A relative newcomer in the Pure Spirits portfolio is Chairman’s Reserve St. Lucia rum. Colonised by France in 1660, St. Lucia earned the name of “Helen of the West Indies” both for its beauty and the fact that Great Britain and France went to war fourteen times for claims to the island. The island’s tropical microclimate and fertile volcanic soil create a preserved rainforest that bears the water used to conceive Chairman’s Reserve. This microclimate also influences maturation and provides the ideal conditions for transforming sugar cane into this award winning rum.

St. Lucia Distillers Limited emerged from the tradition of the on-site, home made rum that was a common feature of the West Indian sugar plantation. The award winning Chairman’s Reserve Rum begins with a combination of more than six unique rums, individually aged in seasoned bourbon barrels. The rums are distilled using three artesian distillation techniques, combining Coffey Column Still, John Dore Copper Pot and Kentucky Bourbon Vendome Pot Still rums averaging 5 years. The rums are then artfully married and reintroduced to oak for a further six to nine months. This process accounts for the long and memorable finish.

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