The finalists for the Idiot Savant Prizes have been announced! Check them out here…



So there’s a few weeks until Bar Week is here — and that means there’s just a few weeks until The Idiot Savant Prizes. These awards are taking place during Bar Week and recognise the characters, jokers and raconteurs who don’t just make up the numbers but bring us the colour & music needed to fill our bustling drinking halls with life — so check out the finalists for each award below!

The event takes place from 7pm on Sunday the 22nd of September. To register your interest in attending email: And you can check out more great Bar Week events at

The dispense bar award for crap chat.


Boring cocktail dribble, politics & religion or your feelings on tube socks with suits. If you don’t have jokes, stay in dispense! 

Ben McFarlane

Phil Gandevia

Simon McGoram

Evan Stanley

Poitr Zuzmicki


Best Bar Back.

Juices are fresh and full, fridges are stocked and beers are label out. The floor is clean and little fucker is looking over your shoulder to learn more while furiously polishing glasses or it’s for that lazy fuck whom is to slow to make drinks.

Koji Hasaka

Chris Hysted

Rob Sloan

Tiago Silva

Dominic Xavier

Cristiano Beretta


Worst grip of the English Language 

Can’t spell, uses words out of context, generally makes no sense even when sober, somewhere in the world people can understand them but it’s not here.

Ben Tua

Marco Faraone

Max Greco

Marco Nunes

Ben Taouss


The Jared Plummer Medal for most likeable Brand hag.

That person who even though they are trying to sell you something you don’t need, you’re still stoked to see them waltz though the door. 

George Goto

Andrew Kerrsmith

Sean Baxter

John Gakuru


Better half of the Year.

Some idiot answered Summer for this question in the nominations. 

It’s for the best girlfriend. People tolerate only you so they can be friends with her! 

Linn Johansson – Miss Tim Phillips

Caitlin Adams – Miss Chris Hysted

Babs Hernandez – Miss Luke Redington

Edi Tout – Miss Mitch Bushell

Charlie Wong – Mr Nat Ng


Worst facial hair or tattoo. 

Curled moustache, tribal tattoo from wrist to neck, mullet and fringe combo? You know this would happen eventually right! 

Mitch Bushell for his Ned Flanders moustache

Hugh Payten Smith for looking like Jack Sparrow with an eating disorder

Merlin Jerebine for What Would Jerry Thomas Do

Chris Hysted for the holy trifecta

Alen Nikolovski for the knee tickler


The Shit Kicker award aka the Iron NUTS prize!

Takes the most shit on shift but still turns up the next day.

Neilson Braid

Evan Stanley

Phil Gandevia

Binoy Pinto

Greg Sanderson


Worst Facebook presence.

Either you constantly post shit that no one cares about or you are simply on there too fucking often. Go make some drinks, no one is paying you to post ‘shit brand ambassadors say’!

Gee David

James France

Greg Sanderson

Phoenix Naman

Quyhn Nugan


Best Assets.

Call it sexist if you like but a great set of cans goes a long way when alcohol is involved. It should also be noted that we have a fella in there this year for some wonderful assets of his own.

Paige Aubort

Babs Hernandez

Sarah Miller

Alex Ross

Alen Nikolovski (Marco Polo!!)


Luke Reddington Prize 

This person walks into your bar and you collectively hear all of the staff go, fuck! 

This person has made a sport of getting crazy and taking you all down with them! 

Andy MF Penney

Alen Nikolovski

Nate Debritt

Luke Redington

Lewis Jaffrey


Best Brand event of Campaign

Sometimes, some people get it right.

Think Rewards

Put it in your mouth!

Ketel 1 Fraternity

Stoli on Ice

And every fucking Sailor Jerry event ever.


Least graceful drunk. 

They fall over, hit on bar stools, offend anyone in ear shoot and generally need to be tied up to stop them from waking up with booze shame. We love them but hopefully no one will ever win this award 2 years in row. 

Neilson Braid

Nate Debritt

Tim Philips

Melbourne Widge

Mark Ward

Jules Marchetto


The Life of the Party. 

Hospitality flows in their veins and fun oozes from their pores. This is the person you want to be stuck on a desert island with. 

Jared Plummer

Luke Redington

Max Greco

Marco Faraone

Phil Bayly


And the big one


The Gregor De Gruyther trophy for Excellence.

For the person who kicked ass all year. Someone who has spearheaded making our industry a better place for all and would not look out of place standing shoulder to shoulder with the great man whose name sake this trophy belongs to.

Toby Hilton

Phil Bayly

Jason Crawley

Rossco Charman

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