Take a look at Doris & Beryl’s Bridge Club

Doris & Beryl’s Bridge Club and Tea House
530 King Street, Newtown

From the guys who brought you Sysney craft beer bar, Bitter Phew, comes this quirky addition to Newtown’s cocktailing scene: Doris & Beryl’s Bridge Club and Tea House.

The idea here is that the cocktails draw heavily on tea and are served up in a relaxed atmosphere. 

For example, they’re using lapsang souchong in their Life Support (along with gin, Cherry Heering and Peychaud’s), green tea in That Knotted Sweater (with genever, tarragon, mint and lime), and chai in the Tea-Ki (with dark and spiced rums, mango, lime and ginger beer).


There’s also – as you might expect – a hood helping of unique craft beers you can get stuck into.

It might not be your grandma’s cup of tea, but when was the last time you went out for drinks with her anyway?

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