The Perfect Blend – another year in the making — who will take the title for 2018?

Returning for another year, with a new challenge and an exciting new prize: The Perfect Blend 2018.

It’s time to master your craft, creating your signature concoction that CELEBRATES THE OCCASION.

The ‘occasion’ is up to your own individual interpretation – this can be anything from a historical moment in time to an epic personal achievement; your favourite cultural day, to a special celebration like a significant birthday, graduation, or even a time of day like ‘aperitvo’ hour.

Craft The Perfect Blend that captivates and inspires, entices and satisfies. Avoid the trends. Forget the past. Set new standards. Push yourself to try new things. Experiment, break the rules and help craft new ones. A chance to prove yourself against the best: your peers, your rivals, they are your motivation. The challenge awaits.


Entries open September 4th, and close November 4th.

  1. Entry is simple, log on to
  2. Choose your entry category, Apprentice or Professional  (2 years or less for Apprentice, and professional 2 years or more in the industry.)
  3. Choose the Whisk(e)y region you would like to represent
  4. Select your ‘hero’  Whisk(e)y from the Beam Suntory portfolio available
  5. Describe in detail the occasion you have chosen and why?
  6. Submit your entry and join us on the 2018 Journey!

The prize: A winner from each category will travel across the globe to the home of Bourbon, Kentucky visiting the distilleries Maker’s Mark and Jim beam —receiving the VIP treatment along the way, then heading to New Orleans with 15,000 other likeminded industry folk to party like a Rockstar and rub shoulders with the industry elite.

And the winners will carry the legacy as mentors for future master blenders.

So get creating — head to The Blend website to take part.


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