Menu inspiration: The Drawing Room at The Gresham’s cocktail list is a storyteller

[ultimate-recipe id=”43221″ template=”default”] There’s a bar inside the award-winning Brisbane bar, The Gresham, and it’s called The Drawing Room. If you’ve been to The Gresham you’ll know that you can get a great cocktail, but you’re more likely to be drinking a great beer and a whiskey or three — it’s just the feel of the place.

But in The Drawing Room the focus is on cocktails, and in particular a number of the bar’s own creations.

The Drawing Room cocktail list draws heavily on the history of Queensland for its inspiration and for its ingredients and tells the story of the state while it’s at it. It’s all there for you in their brief introduction to the list:

“The following drinks are a liquid history of our fine state, Queensland. We have designed drinks to match historic events in Queensland’s history, both good and bad, but all of them important in making us who we are; the proud, “state-riotic” people of the Sunshine State.”

The list is structured along a timeline, from settler days of Queensland in 1848 up to Joh Bjelke-Petersen days through the 1980s — and the 1988 World Expo — and on.


Take a look at a couple of drinks from the menu here, and look at a sample of the menu yourself below.

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