Byrdi Melbourne named 56th best bar in the extended World’s 50 Best List

The World’s 50 Best Bars has today announced the extended 51-100 list, and Melbourne’s Byrdi has claimed No.56. In the same list last year, Melbourne claimed four spots so it will be interesting to see if The Everleigh, Above Board and Black Pearl have been elevated to the Top 50 when the full list is announced on Tuesday, 7th December.

Rum Diary Fight Night to raise Movember funds

This Fight Night was especially important to us as it was our Movember edition. Mental health has been a huge part of everyone’s lives over the last couple of years and the hospitality world has felt this especially.” – Jacob Goss

The Southside: A minty gin spring sensation

The mellow gin from the north was mixed with ginger ale in a cocktail called the ‘Northside’, while Capone’s less palatable gin needed citrus, mint and sugar to balance the flavour. The drink was then christened the ‘Southside’.

Vintage booze: Do you need some in your bar? Asks Jono Carr

Bar manager of Will’s and Mimi’s in Coogee, Antonello Arzedi, himself a gentleman known for giving incredible service, maintains a range of vintage products in his bars. Saying that the main idea behind this was to be able to offer multiple layers of service to enhance the guest experience.