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Bacardí Legacy Cocktail Competition moves online in June 2021 and announces new funding project for finalists via ‘El Coco’ grant

The postponed 2020 BACARDÍ Legacy Global Final will go ahead virtually this year with a date set for the global winner to be announced 30th June 2021. The re-worked format of the competition will also offer all 40 global competitors the opportunity to secure a US$5,000 grant, in addition to competing for the global title.

Register now for the The Blend’s first ever B Healthy Live Event!

The Blend are hosting a LIVE seminar on Monday 10th May 2021, focusing on many aspects of the health and wellness industry, with 3 amazing hosts! This is your chance to learn from some industry experts, to ask questions and soak up their wisdom from years of experience, followed by some (healthy) food. Everybody loves a free lunch (wink!)

World Class Cocktail Festival comes to Sydney

At a moment when we are all looking forward following the events of 2020, Australia is set to be inspired by its own vibrant bar culture with the World Class Cocktail Festival taking place in Sydney from 28th April to 2nd May 2021. 

Naren Young urges you to keep your glassware as cold AF

‘What’s not romantic is waiting twenty minutes for a drink while the bartender has to fumble around for six different bottles. My goal is to get drinks into people’s hands as quickly as possible without sacrificing any quality, which is a win win for everyone.’