Negroni for Two: get The Gidley’s batched Negroni recipe here

As we set out on a new year in 2020, we also set out on a brand new decade — well, depending on who you ask: some might insist that the 2020s actually begin in 2021, which would mean that the millennium happened in 2001 (and the world celebrated a year early) and… well, let’s get past it.

But that’s the world we live in these days. Divided. Irreconcilable. If we can’t agree on when a decade begins, surely we’re done for?

Well, maybe, but then again maybe not. What the world needs right now is a good drink, and here’s a trend we’d like to see take off this decade, whenever it starts: a cocktail for two, like this Negroni for Two from The Gidley in Sydney. 

If we could all just sit down and share a drink somewhere as elegant as The Gidley, we’d all be doing better.

And we could at least agree on one thing: this is a damn fine drink.

The Gidley's Batched Negroni
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The Gidley's Batched Negroni

  1. Batch all ingredients in a 200ml bottle and chill.
  2. Pour over good block ice.

Adapted from a recipe at The Gidley, Sydney. Photograph by Christopher Pearce.

This recipe can scale up to larger volumes for a bigger batch.

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