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Happy Birthday to us!

It sounds big and, well, I guess it is a bloody big number! And even though it’s just a number it represents close to 15 years of non-stop hard work publishing what is the leading bar trade magazine. So much has changed over the years and for the most part for the better. People are drinking better and bartenders are better trained and more educated than ever before. Let’s not forget, the standard of bars around the country is amazing if you compare cities like Brisbane or Sydney in 1998 to today.

Download our 150th issue now!

Our 150th issue is now live in the Australian Bartender app in the Apple App Store. You can check out all three trends from the last 150 issues, watch the How To video (we step through the Tommy’s Margarita), and look at how trends in bar food have changed from the days when the $5 steak was actually a meal. We visit Mexico again for part two of the agave spirit tour, as Dave explores the rustic, boozy charm of Oaxaca. You can check out the Workers in Balmain, all the latest bars, and loads more.

The night that was… Pacifico Go Go & Bartender’s 150th Issue Bash

It was an appropriately large evening to send off a bar that has had an inappropriate influence (in the best of ways) on bartenders around the country, and a fine way for Australian Bartender to celebrate its 150th issue. There was tequila, nudity, lay-backs, tequila, strippers, and then some more tequila. We’ve curated a few of the photos that were safe for publication in the gallery below.

Australian Bartender’s 150th issue bash!

That’s right, Australian Bartender is sending out our 150th issue this June. It’s a huge milestone and to celebrate we’re teaming up with Cafe Pacifico to host the tequila party to end all parties.

We’ve loved Pacifico over the years and want to give them a fond farewell for their 15 years of service to the Aussie bar industry with this invite-only celebratory bash next Tuesday the 7th of May. It will be Pacifico’s last night and it promises to be huge!