The night that was… Pacifico Go Go & Bartender’s 150th Issue Bash

Pacifico Go Go

It was an appropriately large evening to send off a bar that has had an inappropriate influence (in the best of ways) on bartenders around the country, and a fine way for Australian Bartender to celebrate its 150th issue. There was tequila, nudity, lay-backs, tequila, strippers, and then some more tequila. We’ve curated a few of the photos that were safe for publication in the gallery below.

Thanks again to all the bartenders young and old who came out to make the night the sodden success that it was, and a very big thank you to the suppliers who came to the party with stock — big shout outs go to Vanguard, Think Spirits, Campari, Brown Forman, Bacardi Lion and Diageo for their support on the night.

It was a night we’re sure all will remember for a long time — or at least parts of it! 16 years of getting Pacifico’d, 150 issues of Australian Bartender, and an appropriately large hangover to suit.

As Phil would say, “love this town!”

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  1. Ouch !!!!!!!!!

    Thanks everyone for a great send off for Cafe Pacifico Sydney.

    I would especially like to thank Rosscoe Charman for putting together a truly rockstar bartender line up, (It was an honour to have you all behind my bar) and for his help on drinks logistics which enabled every one to get a great drink easily and with our stress.

    Also to Dave Spanton and Bartender for putting the idea of this joint venture to me.

    Congratulations on 150 issues mate.

    The last part of the evening is a bit vague but I hope you all had a memorable time.
    Cleaning the bar yesterday morning at 10.30 am, neither of us were looking great but had to say, I love this town!

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