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Mark Ridgwell on a flavoursome future

Why not a Taste the Spirit Movement to encourage more recognition for spirits, like wines, as products of nature and more, as products of history and legend, with tastes, flavours and colours to reflect an immense diversity of local custom and ingredients capable of generating drinks for every occasion?

I’m prompted to ask the question by Café Pacifico’s recent closure, surely a bar to represent a benchmark for expressing a team’s passion for a spirit and a bar that demonstrated everyone’s right to enjoy spirits beyond brand statements but as memorable drinking experiences particularly those who arrive at a bar full of prejudice or just ill-informed.

The night that was… Pacifico Go Go & Bartender’s 150th Issue Bash

It was an appropriately large evening to send off a bar that has had an inappropriate influence (in the best of ways) on bartenders around the country, and a fine way for Australian Bartender to celebrate its 150th issue. There was tequila, nudity, lay-backs, tequila, strippers, and then some more tequila. We’ve curated a few of the photos that were safe for publication in the gallery below.

Australian Bartender’s 150th issue bash!

That’s right, Australian Bartender is sending out our 150th issue this June. It’s a huge milestone and to celebrate we’re teaming up with Cafe Pacifico to host the tequila party to end all parties.

We’ve loved Pacifico over the years and want to give them a fond farewell for their 15 years of service to the Aussie bar industry with this invite-only celebratory bash next Tuesday the 7th of May. It will be Pacifico’s last night and it promises to be huge!

Cafe Pacifico to close after 15 years

After 15 big years, countless bottles of tequila, and more hangovers than anyone cares to remember, Sydney institution Cafe Pacifico will close its doors this month. Problems renegotiating the lease and leaky ceilings left owner, Phil Bayly with no choice but to move on.

Tribute to Hayden Stefan Poczwa

This tribute recently featured in the March edition of Bartender magazine. Hayden recently passed away and his friends informed us that he had always wanted to be in the magazine so as a tribute to him and his memory they answered the questions on his behalf.

Sydney BarShow Week Networking Events

2010’s Sydney BarShow Week saw the biggest line-up of networking events to date. Check of some of this year’s party action

BLOG: Parched March No. 4

There’s just a week left of our 30 Bars in 30 Days odyssey, and as the journey approaches its end, I’m thinking our final lists will be as much about the bars we didn’t visit as the ones we managed to reach. 30 is a fraction of the bars this city has to offer, and as we hit the home straight, we keep hearing of new places popping up, exciting developments at old favourites and enough bar action to keep us going – well, all the way through to next March.

Most Influential Top 50 Announced

The votes are in for Bartender magazine’s Most Influential List in association with Diageo’s Alchemy. Read on to find out the who made the Top 50 based on your trade votes…

CLASSIC: The Margarita

Of all cocktails, none has been assaulted quite like the Margarita. At some bars it’s now like a Slurpee from 7/11; a frozen concoction swirling around in a myriad of colours and flavours. But it wasn’t always so tacky. The world’s most popular cocktail is a sublime drink when made properly.