Cafe Pacifico to close after 15 years



After 15 big years, countless bottles of tequila, and more hangovers than anyone cares to remember, Sydney institution Cafe Pacifico will close its doors this May. Problems renegotiating the lease and leaky ceilings left owner, Phil Bayly with no choice but to move on. “We’re already paying over the market rate for rent,” said Bayly, with rent more than tripling in the fifteen years the place has been open. “We didn’t come in here to set it up and just flick it,” said Bayly.

“It’s sad to see such an iconic venue disappear,” said Bartender publisher, David Spanton,”as Phil, Yim, and the Pacifico team have been a driving force in the industry nationwide.”

“I’m not going to go into another location,” said Bayly, “unless its a landlord I want to be in bed with or just buy my own damn building.” he said. “The big lesson is this: be careful about who you get in to bed with when it comes to landlords,” he said.


“Life is full of changes,” said Bayly, “but I prefer to see it as an opportunity.”

And what about the highlights? “The parties — and I don’t know if I want to talk about them! We did a NYE salsa beach party, and I had four tonnes of sand delivered — filled the whole restaurant full of sand!” he said.

With Phil & Yim moving on to new projects within the industry, we wanted to make sure one hell of a trade party was organised to send the team at Café Pacifco off in style and to say thank you — and with work started on our 150th issue we thought there was no better place to celebrate it at than Cafe Pacifico. So, come celebrate with the team at Australian Bartender magazine for reaching a whopping 150 issues and also pay tribute to the huge influence Café Pacifico has had over the past 15 years, as this will also be their final night of trading!

Keep watching for more information on this invite-only event for the 7th May at Café Pacifico!


    I have already made a goodbye booking on the 26th. but this is just, the saddest thing ever.

  2. Phil is a driving force in the industry, and particularly promoting agave distilates. He is absolutely admirable for his support and knowledge of producers, suppliers, distributors and everyone else that is in the industry, and Cafe Pacifico is an institution and iconic venue as the article comments. The deep knowledge of tequila Phil has developed throughout the years is second to none in Australia and of course reflected in his selection at Pacifico.
    I thank very much Phil and the Pacifico team, particularly to Yim, for their support of my business and brands, you guys are total legends!

  3. Second big venue closing down at Risley, such a terrible news…
    gonna miss you guys

  4. This is sad, as you said it this guys are way more than another place, they have the BIGGEST collection of Tequila in the south hemisphere and for sure one of the most iconic Tequila Places in the world… Phil and Yim, you guys are awesome and is good that you know that “the best is ahead of you” Keep up the amazing job… cheers from México.

  5. The end of an era! I love your place, the vibe, the staff, the food and the tequila! I am sad you have to say farewell to Sydney and wish all of you sweet success somewhere else. You would think your landlord could be more accommodating and less greedy. Maybe his glass is half empty? All the best, yours is half full for sure.

  6. I thought i was in the loop but I never heard of this… I’m gutted! It was my favourite place in the city to take me away from the city… Fark!

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