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Soyer au Champagne: an old-fashioned and boozy Spider

Ever missed being able to order a Coke Spider? Here’s a drink that’s similar, but a little more refined — heck, the name translates from French to Silk with Champagne. It doesn’t get more refined than that (at least as far as sugary drinks go).

Champagne didn’t always effervesce. Though the area had become known for as a place of some quality, the wine it produced was “light, pinkish still wines made from the pinot noir grape”. Eventually, though, these wines came to be overshadowed by their sparkling successors.

The Old Cuban

Audrey Saunders’ classy take on the Mojito

CLASSIC: French 75

There are few Champagne cocktails that have enjoyed the success that this little number has; a gin infused libation named after the French 75-mm field gun. This quick-firing field artillery piece is recognised as being the first technological weapons advancement of the 20th century with its long recoil mechanism which kept the gun’s trail and wheels perfectly still during the firing sequence meaning it need not be re-aimed after each shot. The French 75 could deliver fifteen rounds per minute on its target up to a range of approximately 8,500 meters.