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The Unsocial Network: making the media work for you

A lot has been written about the power of social media in our industry but don’t think for a second that is going to stop me from adding my two cents. I’m focusing on this from a business perspective as well so let’s forget about those people who post photos of their dinner, their baby bump, their dog in a tutu and so on. Their souls can’t be saved.

Bloggers, Bars & Brands Seminar

Got a blog? Like to Twitter? Facebook your thing? Social media is the key to a bar or brands success – so let some industry experts tell you how to do it best.

RIP the Signature Cocktail

It’s been a long time coming. Once upon a time, signature drinks, or cocktails, or food dishes, were things you could only get in one restaurant, or perhaps one chain of restaurants, or from one chef. Ramos Gin Fizzes, Brambles, Lamb Cutlets Reform ( a la Soyer), TGI Fridays’ Jack Daniels Grill and Nobu Matsuhisa’s black cod are all examples of signature serves. Everyone can imitate these serves in any bar you like, but even an oxygen thief knows that you should have at least one Penicillin straight from Sam Ross, or a Tommy’s from Julio Bermejo. Done right, signature serves rock.