NSW government relaxes — just a little — some liquor laws

The NSW government today has announced a slight relaxation in liquor licensing laws, which will see small bars in the Sydney CBD and Kings Cross precincts allowed to once again pour a neat whisky for their punters after midnight, and to be able to sell cocktails not listed on their menu after that time.

“Those who appreciate fine whisky in a relaxed, intimate small bar setting would sooner go without than be forced to dilute their favourite drop,” said Minister for Racing Paul Toole in a statement today.

This is combined with previously announced changes to the capacity of small bars, which was increased from 60 patrons to a more sensible 100 patrons, and allows them to apply for extended trading hours until 2am.

The statement today also indicated that a freeze on new licences for hotels and clubs will remain in place until June 2018, however, small bars and restaurants are not part of that freeze.

What about those unpopular lockout laws, in which you can’t enter bars and pubs after 1:30am in the Sydney CBD and Kings Cross? Yeah, no changes to that yet, folks.

For the full factsheet on the changes, click here. The changes take effect from October 1.

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