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The Southside: A minty gin spring sensation

The mellow gin from the north was mixed with ginger ale in a cocktail called the ‘Northside’, while Capone’s less palatable gin needed citrus, mint and sugar to balance the flavour. The drink was then christened the ‘Southside’.

What is gin? A rookies guide to the juniper stuff

What is gin? There’s never been more gin available in Australia than there is today, and it is very much in vogue with punters. Below, we’ve got a quickstart guide just what is gin all about.


A drink for the hacks: The Journalist

It’s a tough time for journalists — the old media world is in tumult, print mastheads that have for many decades made the news have now become the news themselves. They could do with a drink, and this one has their name all over it.

Gin Cocktails

A selection of tempting gin cocktails from December’s Bartender magazine.

CLASSIC: The Florodora

I’ve always been a fan of a good story and of a good gin drink too. The Florodora (often spelt misspelt in bar books as the ‘Floradora’) is a great marriage of both these wonderful things and so is not to be passed up in these pages. Here’s how the story goes…