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Win a ticket to an exclusive masterclass

island2island will be bringing Ian MacMillan, the incredibly talented Master Blender responsible for well loved whiskies Tobermory, Bunnahabhain, Ledaig and Deanston, to Australia for various trade and consumer tastings this month.

Single malt: a singular dram for mixing

Nowadays, when a bartender is throwing Scotch into their mixing glass, they’re most likely reaching for a blended whisky. That’s what we think of when we read “Scotch whisky” in a cocktail book, right? We think of consistent, all-rounder blends.

But in the days of Harry Johnson and Jerry Thomas, the Scotch they would have reached for most likely would have been a single malt.

Profanities and streams of whisk(e)y flow at the Mixxit Chronicles

Mixxit Chronicles have returned — and their training session on Scotch and Irish whiskies have been a hit with bartenders in Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney. We popped by the session held last week at Sydney’s The Wild Rover and spent the better part (in more ways than one) of the afternoon sipping whisk(e)y and hearing the profanities pile up in an entertaining fashion.