Ilegal Mezcal is Available

Ilegal Mezcal is now available in Australia, bringing a small piece of Oaxaca to your bar for everyone to share. To drink Mezcal is to enter the ritual of Oaxaca. The two are inseparable and one leads inevitably to the other. Ilegal Mezcal is a hand crafted, small batch Mezcal and made with both pride and reverence to a culture. The ingredients are Espadin Agave, Oaxaca Sun, Time.

The Joven Mezcal has light smoke, anise, white pepper, green apple, and notes of Espadin Agave. The Reposado shows light smoke, enriching butterscotch, caramelised pear and lingering vanilla. Ilegal’s Anejo Mezcal has distinct maple, oak, hints of tobacco, dark chocolate, caramelised Espadin and a light smoke, but evident smoke.

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