Busy times for Hinky Dinks crew

Owners Dan Knight & Ben Shipley - Hinky Dinks, Sydney.

This news item featured in the November issue of Australian Bartender magazine

The crew at Hinky Dinks have been flat chat putting the place together, but none have been busier than co-owner Jeremy Shipley, who has also retained his full time role as a Bacardi Brand Ambassador. So how does a leading figure in the bar scene cope with also fronting a cocktail bar that promotes a wide range of brands?

How does a brand ambassador balance his day job and running a busy bar?

“Bacardi have been really supportive of my venture,” Shipley said when talking to Bartender, and open communication is the most important thing. The team sees so many wonderful products on the market and they want to showcase their love for the industry and all it has to offer through Hinky Dinks.


Most of Shipley’s time will be spent out and about promoting and training, but if you head in on a Thursday or Friday night there’s a good chance you’ll catch him for a cocktail.

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