Three top new tequilas to hit bars

3R Tequila

Kansei Beverages are bringing to Australia these organic artisan-made tequilas from 3R Tequila. Both the aged varieties, a Reposado and an Anejo, are aged a little longer than the average — their Repo is aged for 10 months, the Anejo for two years. The 100 per cent blue agave tequila is crafted in an all-natural process from the plantation to the fermentation and aging. The pinas are roasted in a traditional masonry oven and fermented — and here’s where 3R is a little unique. They believe that playing the music of violins and symphony orchestras aids in the fermentation (thanks, in part, to the vibration of the music). The Blanco offers up a nose of sweet, baked agave that follows on to the palate; the Reposado has dried peach, baked apple and spice aromas carrying through to a medium bodied palate; the Anejo offers up robust toasted caramel flavours and chocolate and raspberry notes.

And to celebrate the launch of 3R Tequila in Australia Kansei are putting on a big competition — see the April issue of Australian Bartender for details.

For more information phone 02 9191 7372 or email

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