Cold drip liqueur? You can bet on Black


Just like with the surge of interest in the craft of cocktail bartending, and the focus on small boutique brands, the coffee geeks have also had their own renaissance.

Nowadays there’s a lot more going on that just percolator coffee (though filter coffee is coming back iun a new, artisanal way) or espresso: you can get your coffee via aeropress, filter and pourover, and for the humble iced coffee there’s a new method making the rounds, called cold drip. We say it’s a new method, but the Japanese have been doing it for ages. It takes anywhere from three to twenty-four hours to brew, because it involves room temperature water dripping, drop by drop, through coffee and a filter. It makes a sweeter, brighter brew, perfect for chilling down with ice.

The guys from Mr Black have taken this (you can see the crema settling at the bottom of the bottle), and added alcohol to create a tasty cold drip coffee liqueur, ideal for switching in to Espresso (or should that be Cold Drip?) Martinis — or to put it with your Negroni.

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