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The 2022 Fernet-Branca Coin Winner Announced!

A huge congratulations to Ana Mitchell, who works at 18th Amendment Bar Geelong.  Ana was nominated for Host of the Year at the Australian Bartender Awards 2021. She said “I was super excited when I heard the news”.  Ana will now work with Fernet-Branca to finalise the design and of course take home $1,000!

Diageo World Class: Australia’s top 100 bartenders for 2022 revealed

“As we enter the competition’s second phase, we’re looking for the top five bartenders to stand out by demonstrating imaginative and show-stopping creations. Our work is cut out for us as the calibre has been so impressive. We look forward to see what’s coming up.” – Krystal Hart, Krystal Hart, Australia’s Diageo World Class Ambassador