New Bars

New Bars


The former site of The Middle Bar has undergone a drastic makeover to become LO-FI.


Inspired by the ubiquitous small bars littered throughout Brazil, Boteco has created a warm and intimate space for patrons to hide away and nibble on fantastic treats and enjoy great drinks.

Papa Goose Restaurant & Bar (The Loose Goose)

Inspired by a children’s nursery rhyme, Papa Goose is a new offering on the already jam packed Flinders Lane, Melbourne. Chef and Owner Neale White and his designer brother Lance White have created a stylish new venue with an industrial core based around steel beams, heavy wood and exposed air conditioning units.

Lot Forty

Tucked away at the end of Kings Lane a petite hole in the wall is serving up an impressive range of tapas, cocktails and wines – all by the alluring light of candles.

Solas Bar

With the luck of the Irish Solas bar should do well. The name means ‘light’ in Gaelic and comes off as quite eloquent and romantic for a language that can sometimes have your tongue in knots.

Ezra Pound: Bar Poetry

Inspired by the revolutionary American poet Ezra Pound, Talmage Anderson and Jan Kulski are attempting their own social revolution with their recently opened Perth venture Ezra Pound.

The Walkers Arms Hotel

36 North East Road, Walkerville, Adelaide 08 8344 8022 The Walkers Arms was first…


Walk down the sliver of hallway they use for an entrance and Berta opens up to become a chic wine bar and restaurant tucked away in complete privacy. This is the latest offering from Andrew Cibej – owner of Vini – and judging by the full seats at 6:30pm it is already a hit. The focus is on wine not cocktails and Berta offers an in-depth selection of Italian styles. They have at their disposal the talents of Georgio from Vini – who imports many wines specifically for the restaurants.

The Passage

The Passage, which is swelling the ranks of Darlinghurst bars, is the first bar venture by Mark Eggers and Andy Emerson and Ed Loveday who have both worked for Keystone hospitality for years.