New Bars

New Bars

The Passage

The Passage, which is swelling the ranks of Darlinghurst bars, is the first bar venture by Mark Eggers and Andy Emerson and Ed Loveday who have both worked for Keystone hospitality for years.

Canvas Cocktail & Wine Bar

Opened on 2 July in Woolloongabba’s trendy antique precinct, Canvas Cocktail & Wine Bar is a collaboration between young entrepreneurs Marco and Emily Nunes, Tom Sanceau and Bonnie Shearston.

The Walkers Arms Hotel

The Walkers Arms, first established in 1839, was gutted by a fire caused by an electrical fault in November 2007. June this year, however, has seen a brand new Walkers Arms come to life.


Opening its doors in February this year Mamasita occupies the site that once held the café/bar Recorded Music Salon. This authentic Mexican bar and restaurant – read no burritos or nachos – is a meeting of the minds between Matt Lane (ex-owner of The Poinciana and ex-GM of New York’s La Esquina) and Jason Jones (former executive chef at Orange in Windsor).

Miss Marley’s

Manly’s burgeoning bar scene is welcoming a stylish new addition to its ranks thanks to the opening of Miss Marley’s. This new venue is brought to you by Adam Clarke and Kieran Baily (formerly of Henry Afrikas) and is their unique take on the much talked about ‘small bar concept’.

Garden Brasserie

Sydney’s new Garden Brasserie opened its doors on Anzac Day this year. The new venture occupies a Neutral Bay site that has been vacant for the past six months but which once held an Italian restaurant. The trio of owners – Sebastian Gallery, Stephen Gellert and Glenn Ferguson – come from various backgrounds. Gallery is the ex- manager of Watershed and Cohi Bar in Darling Harbour whilst Gellert also owns Cantina Bar and Grill, and Pizza Mario. Ferguson on the other hand is the owner of ISEC and HALO security.

Sou Soul

A soulful offering to reinvigorate palates south of the Yarra

Beach Haus

There was certainly no small amount of noise made when Kings Cross institution – Baron’s – was bowled over to make room for ‘progress’. The building that now occupies the Baron’s site, however, surprisingly shows a good deal of taste for Sydney developers by invoking an almost Gaudi-esque appearance. Baron’s might be lost, but a new offering called Beach Haus – whilst world’s apart from said hang – aims to be a new home for drinkers feeling similarly displaced by the evolution of Kings Cross.

Chez Régine

Open Thursday through Saturday Chez Régine is inspired by the Parisian singer and ‘Queen of the Night’ Régine Zylberburg.

LL Wine and Dine

Despite what the latest season of Underbelly and Sydney’s tabloids will have you believe Kings Cross is trying to clean up its act. One particular area that has seen a major transformation is Llankelly Place, perhaps Sydney’s first real attempt at creating a Melbourne style laneway.