Drinking at La Capilla Mexico

La Capilla

By David Spanton

You don’t turn down an invitation to tour Mexico’s distileries with Tomas Estes and Phil Bayly. David Spanton got the rundown on some of the best distilleries and bars in Tequila and in Oaxaca in our May issue; check out his thoughts on this renowned dive bar.

La Capilla Bar

After a few exhausting days visiting distilleries it was a welcome sight to see this bar and enjoy a few tequilas and a cold beer. Many of you reading this know that La Capilla is now as famous as many of their tequilas having recently been awarded one of the top 100 bars in the world by Drinks International magazine. Mind you, our humble Australian magazine’s similar “best bars list” has also heaped high praise on this world renowned dive bar. Having never before been to Mexico I, like most people, was intrigued to see what all the fuss was about. Down the back street of old Tequila town La Capilla is a watering hole frequented by the local distillery owners along with tequila aficionados the world over.  Owned and still tended by the hospitable Don Javier since the early 1950’s this no non-sense cantina is as important to experience as the local distilleries themselves. Don’t forget to order his signature drink the Batanga (tequila Mixto, Cola & Lime) with a few different weird and wonderful valley tequilas.


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