The rum explosion continues at Chimmi’s Rum Cantina



500 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction

The latest in a rash of rum bars to open, and below the tequila joint du jour  El Topo, comes this footloose and fancy-free joint, Chimmi’s. What’s on the menu? Rum, rum, and oh, more rum? Led by rum nut Tom Bulmer, the bar is part of a larger revitalisation of The Eastern in Sydney’s Bondi Junction. Bulmer has put on a list of a dozen rum based drinks (though you won’t see the word rum anywhere in the cocktail descriptions — Bulmer says this is because he wants the focus to be on styles and regions), and a list of rums that numbers near 100.

There’s plenty of snacks to get you through your rum tastings including empanadas and arepas, and the staff are top notch — hired for their open attitude and chat as well as their skills behind the stick.


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