Discover the anatomy of a mezcal

anatomy of mezcal

Anatomia del Mezcal

You could be forgiven for being a bit confused when it comes to mezcal production and the processes involved — though the rusticity is part of its charm, mezcal producers can be a bit opaque in terms of providing information. That’s where this site comes in to help you out. Put together by mezcal evangelist and producer Dr. Iván Saldaña Oyarzábal (he puts together the tasty Montelobos Mezcal) this site breaks gives you the anatomy of mezcal — from the agaves used, the cooking and production processes, fermentations and more — this is the one site you need to visit to learn more. You can browse through the site in English or Spanish — breaking down that troublesome language barrier that so often obscures the production of this tasty spirit.

And if you’re lucky enough to track down a copy, the talented Dr Oyarzábal has got all that information and more in a book of the same name — but good luck finding it! Check out their Facebook page to find out more.


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